Chiswick Bridge

The earliest record of a ferry at Chiswick is from the seventeenth century and it continued to operate until the Chiswick Bridge was opened in 1933. It is built of reinforced concrete faced with Portland stone giving it a more traditional appearance. It has three river spans, the middle one being 150 feet, along with a shore span at each end.

Chiswick Bridge is best known for being the finishing point of the annual University boat race between Oxford and Cambridge.

Between Chiswick Bridge and the next bridge stands the wrought iron Barnes Railway Bridge, first built in 1849 and rebuilt in 1895. A footbridge was added on the downstream side and the older upstream section of the bridge was never taken down but is no longer used.

Upstream view from the bridge.

Downstream view from the bridge.

A better view of the bridge viewed from downstream.

The Barnes Railway Bridge.

On the railway bridge.

Another leafy walk to the next bridge.

Ann Voysey